for lifting heavier weights, building bigger muscle and being more athletic...
What is this Secret Weapon?

Dear Fellow Strength Coach, Fitness Enthusiast, or Hardcore Strength Junkie,

I want to ask you a few questions and I want you to be honest…

  • Do you ever have trouble holding onto the bar for pull-ups?
  • Do you ever find it hard to finish a set because your hands give out?
  • Do you feel like you could put on more muscle if your hands were just a little stronger?
  • Do you find your hands are the first to go when you are performing longer sets in your training?
  • Does it feel like your numbers in the gym suffer because of your weak hand strength?
  • Have you been told that your hand shake is like holding a dead fishf??

My name is Jedd Johnson, and I now I am going to be honest with you.…

I used to have the same exact problems as you.

  • My hands would burn out in the middle of a set of pull-ups.
  • I used straps for pull-downs, seated rows, and shrugs.
  • I would walk into the gym and the first thing I'd do is put my straps onto my wrists, ready to use them on just about every single set.
That was, until I found out about Grip Strength...

You see, I used to think it was absolutely ridiculous to train for Grip Strength.

I thought, "Why take the time to train my Grip when I can just wear straps?"

I thought, "Why take the time to strengthen my hands, which amount to about 5% of my entire body, when I have so many other goals to accomplish?"

In fact, in 2002, I first learned about Grip Training, and I thought it was completely stupid.

However, around this time, I also learned about Ripping Decks of Cards with hand strength.

I thought it would be a pretty cool thing to do at parties and at the bar…

So, for a few weeks I did some Grip Specific training at the end of my workouts.

Before I knew it, I could rip a deck of cards in half in less than 20 seconds.

It was also around this time, that I also noticed increases in all of my other lifts.

After introducing Grip Training to my routine, here are some of the improvements I saw:

  • My Seated Dumbbell Curl went from about 60-65 lbs to 85 lbs
  • My Power Clean went from 225 lbs to 255 lbs
  • I Deadlifted 405 without using an alternated Grip
  • I began routinely performing sets of 5 to 8 reps with 275 lbs in the Bent Over Barbell Row (instead of only one or two)
  • I could do 120-lb Dumbbell Bench Presses without shaking
  • I no longer needed straps for Pull-ups, Pull-downs, Seated Cable Rows, and other pulling movements
  • My Squat went from high 400's to 525
  • Did a One Arm DB Snatch with a 150 lb Dumbbell with NO HOOK GRIP!
Of all the things I've tried, increasing my Grip Strength

had the biggest effect on my strength performance EVER!

These are just a handful of the numbers that I remember from nearly ten years ago.

And while you may see slightly different numbers, I GUARANTEE that you will see strength increases once you start training your Grip seriously, too.

This DVD will show you how you can implement Grip Strength Training into your current program without any hassle.

But before we get into that, let's look at what exactly is involved when speaking of Grip Strength.

What is Grip Strength?

Grip Strength often gets the reputation of being a “hand strength thing” but it is much more than that.

Grip is everything from the elbow down. Many muscles in the forearm cross at points from the top of the elbow, to the wrist, and furthermore out through the fingers and thumbs.

Grip Strength is the Measure of a Man! Think about it - when you shake someone's hand, you can tell a LOT about that person just by their hand shake. A good solid hand shake conveys confidence and poise, while a dead fish hand shake makes you think the person is weak, unworthy of your trust, and questionable.

How's your hand shake...?

Is Your HandShake Like Holding a Dead Fish? Weak, limp, and pathetic?

Why is Grip Strength Important?

Grip Strength is important for more than just creating a good first impression. It also allows for many physical advantages as well. Here are some examples.

Hand Strength

Think about this for a moment – when you lift weights, how often do you use your hands? Practically every single lift, right? So doesn't it make sense to devote some time to training your hands in order to increase performance on all the lifts in which the hands are involved?

The Answer is YES, and you need to start RIGHT AWAY!

Elbow Stability

All the muscles that cross the elbow, influence the elbow. Thus, any lift that involves flexion, extension or isometric positioning of the elbow will be influenced and benefited by a stronger Grip. A stronger Grip will help lift heavier weights in Curls, Bench Press, hold longer Handstands.

Forearm Size and Strength

Because Grip Training stimulates the musculature of the forearm, trainees will see increases in not only strength, but also size in the forearms. Therefore, focused Grip Training will allow lifters to use heavier weights while also packing on more muscle throughout the entire arm. This increase in size is also a benefit for combat athletes, because a bigger forearm is tougher to grab onto by an opponent than a skinny pipe cleaner sized forearm.

Wrist Strength / Stability

The wrists are capable of many postures and each one must be trained in order to maximize strength and stability in each position. Aggressive athletes that dive for balls and experience collisions on a routine basis need to address this area in order to keep themselves from getting hurt and missing playing time. A stable wrist is also needed for all pressing movements and for kettlebell work.

Thumb Strength

The thumb is like the fat kid in gym class – often forgotten, and never chosen first for the team. Unfortunately this kind of neglect leaves a huge hole in your strength training, keeping you from reaching your potential on lifts like the Deadlift and leaving you open for injury on the field and court.

It's time to do something to strengthen this lone soldier. Luckily for you, Home Made Strength II was designed by the man with the strongest thumbs in the world.

Finger Strength

Picture yourself helping some friends move into their new house. You volunteer to help them lug all their heavy furniture, boxes, tables, and their piano into their new place. But you find that your fingers are too weak to keep up. In fact, your buddy's wife is pulling her weight better than you are. How embarassing is it to realize you have a set of old lady hands?

It doesn't have to be that way...find out how you could be benefiting with just a little regular grip training:

What Does Grip Strength Do for You?

Stronger Lifting & Pulling

With a stronger grip, you will be able to perform better in exercises requiring you to lift and pull. Can you imagine not needing to use straps on all your Deadlifts, Rows, and Shrugs anymore? Instead, strengthen your Grip and save your straps for your heaviest rack pulls and shrugs, only!

Better Control

With a stronger grip, you can make the weights, dumbbells, and barbells do what you want them to do. Your pressing form will be tight. Your rows will be text-book. You won't have to throw weights around just to perform curls, putting your shoulders and back at risk. Better quality reps lead to better all-around results.

Longer Lasting Endurance

Think of the weights you're moving on your lifts right now. You're working hard and getting it done. But now imagine being able to double your repetitions per set. These kinds of jumps are possible when you don't have to worry about the weights prying your hands open and having to cut the set short. With Grip Strength comes Grip Endurance, which means you'll be getting more reps per set, building more muscle, developing more strength, and burning more calories.

Improved Radiant Tension

The great Kettlebell Master of Sport, Pavel Tsatsouline, speaks about Radiation, the ability to increase strength throughout the body by creating tension with the hands. Because the hands are hard-wired into the CNS, they are able to increase strength production throughout the body when you tense them, and this effect is magnified when your lower arms are even stronger.

Improved Performance in Sports

Many sports involve the use of the hands and forearms: Baseball, Football, Tennis, LaCrosse, Wrestling, MMA, Boxing, and more. Stronger hands mean more home runs, more tackles, fewer fumbles, harder punches, better wrist control, more takedowns, better puck control…in short – BETTER SPORTS PERFORMANCE!

All of these Benefits are Possible When You Train with the Equipment I Show you in this DVD!

You are probably wondering what kind of equipment is shown in Home Made Strength II – Grip Strength Edition.

First off, this is not some garbage that you put together on Monday and then ends up breaking on Friday. This stuff is built to last.

Also, this is not a bunch of knock-off equipment. Get ready to make one-of-a-kind pieces of equipment, enhancements to current pieces that are available, and things that simply don't exist on the market.

Here is a list of the Equipment that you will be building when you pick up Home Made Strength II TODAY!

Dynamic Thumb Box

Benefit to You: Combines the benefit of a block weight with a hand gripper, so that you can train both pinching to strengthen the thumb and crush to strengthen the fingers through various ranges of motion.
Total Cost to You: $8

Modified Thumb Clamp

Benefit to You: Multiple grips can be used on this versatile piece of equipment. Allows you to isolate the thumb, isolate fingers, or train all four at the same time. Resistance is also adjustable to accommodate different strength levels.
Total Cost to You: $9

Napalm's Nightmare

Benefit to You: Combines the hip power generated by Kettlebell Swings with the open hand strength built with Rolling Handle Deadlift Devices. Handle spins as the implement is used, increasing the level of the challenge.
Total Cost to You: $30

Loading Pin

Benefit to You: A must-have-item for anyone who is serious about training for Grip Strength. Imperative to own one of these in order to train with many mainstream pieces of Grip Training Equipment.
Total Cost to You: $15

Thick Bar Dumbbell

Benefit to You: Open Hand Strength, Finger Strength, Thumb Strength. The increased size of the gripping surface forces you to squeeze the fingers harder and engage the thumb. Great for combat-style athletes; mocks the type of grip used when grasping body parts, uniforms and gi's. Total Cost to You: Less than $5

Home Made Hand Health Shots

Benefit to You: Work all of the muscles of the hands, fingers, and thumbs, from the major prime movers to the smaller stabilizers, under light resistance, promoting blood flow, balance, and recovery after heavy training sessions. Prevents injuries and imbalances.
Total Cost to You: $8

Extensor Bucket from Hell

Benefit to You: Effectively trains the extensors, promoting balance of strength between the opposing muscle groups. This enables continued strength progress and prevents injuries. Especially beneficial for those who perform manual labor. Total Cost to You: $4.59

Deloading Device

Benefit to You: Provides assistance in lifting heavy objects without the use of a partner, enabling you to focus more on making a lift and eliminating distractions. Used in tandem with elastic training bands.
Total Cost to You: $11

Gripper Plateau Buster (Top Secret Diesel Crew Gripper Training Tool)

Benefit to You: This gem targets Crushing Strength primarily. Provides incremental assistance in closing Grippers, enabling you to power past plateaus and sticking points in your Gripper training.
Total Cost to You: $7

Loadable Rafter Pinch

Benefit to You: Increases Thumb Strength and Wrist Strength. Helps builds the forearms. Can be used for Pinch Deadlifts, Pinch Swings, various Wrist Manipulations.
Total Cost to You: $27

Adjustable Width Pinch Device

Benefit to You: Develops Thumb Strength. Great for developing coordinated Radiant Tension throughout the body. Can be used to simulate one of the staple Grip Contest events. Great for sports Teams who thrive on team challenges. Total Cost to You: $57

HARD TIMES Require Drastic Measures!

Look, I know its hard times. I've felt them!

I have struggled to scrape up enough money to buy the equipment I needed for my training.

Right after college, I had a car payment, college loans, credit card bills, cell phone bills, and had to buy food and supplements. I had very little extra money to throw at training equipment. It took me years to accumulate what I have gotten.

I can't begin to count the number of people I have spoken with that have told me the same exact thing - their budgets these days are just not big enough to pay the prices equipment companies are asking for their equipment

For new trainers and lifters with limited resources, it can be damn hard to scrape up the money to put together a respectable collection of equipment. But it doesn't have to be that way anymore...

Think about how nice it is going to be to have 10 more pieces of Grip Training equipment and never have to worry about this stuff again:

  • Never having to worry about saving 50 lbs of change in order to buy your next piece of equipment.
  • Never having to to sell old pieces in your training equipment history in order to get new stuff.
  • Never having to to comb ebay and Cragslist in order to find crazy deals.
  • Never having to to hold your progress back because you lack the necessary equipment.
  • Never having to to manipulate your significant other into letting you get another piece of equipment.

Can you picture how nice it is going to be not to have to worry about that crap anymore?

======>>>>>>>>>Isn't it going to be awesome to improve your grip strength?<<<<<<<<<======

Once you start improving your grip strength you'll see all of these awesome benefits:


You're going to push up bigger numbers because that is all you're going to be thinking about – Smashing PR's – not how weak your hands feel.


Get stronger hands, and you'll get more reps. It doesn't matter if you're benching, deadlifting, squatting, curling or snatching – more reps equals more muscle and more strength.

Improved Neural Connection

Your hands are hard-wired into your central nervous system. When your hands are stronger, everything else is stronger. Grip helps everything.

Resistance to Injury

Stronger muscles and joints hold up tougher and recover from injury faster. So, if you train your Grip the right way, you will have fewer injuries, miss fewer workouts, and lose fewer reps in the gym.

Don't Just Take My Word For It - Here is What Others Think About Home Made Strength II

"Jedd, Thanks for these videos! I lift outside and in my garage. No gym membership here:)

I can't wait to build some of these strength training tools! It's been really hard here training with just my 300 pounds of weights and bench...I am definitely lacking some serious strength training tools. Can't wait for the grip training DVD either when you release that next. I tried grip training about 4 months ago and I am already loving it. The first time I did it I was in the garage for 2 hours and didn't even realize it!! I know what you mean when you say you love it. Something empowering about gripping heavy weights and crushing your PRs.
Jerry Tennant
“I purchased the original HMS video and it helped me build some good homemade quality implements. My personal favorite is the bowling ball mace. I would show you a video of me using my mace but I lost all the video I was editing, which was going to be featured on my youtube channel and blog site. Back to the beginning I go. Thanks.”
Ron Baguisa
Selected Strength Training Systems
“I loved the first Home Made Strength and you did it again with Home Made Strength II. I firmly believe that grip strength is an essential part of any serious training program. Your DVD just gave me the tools to build all the grip training implements that I need to train all my athletes that my budget would never have been able to supply for them. Your step by step directions made it so easy to do. Thanks for putting together a DVD that will benefit the strength world!”
Jerry Shreck
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Bucknell University

With all this benefit, there must be some catch, right? If that is what you're thinking, then read below...

MISCONCEPTION #1: These pieces are tough to put together...

DEAD WRONG - In most cases, these pieces take less than 5 minutes to build.

MISCONCEPTION #2: These materials are expensive to buy...

NOT TRUE - Most of these peices cost less than $15. The most expensive ONE out of the ELEVEN that I cover will be the one you LOVE the most, and it's MY FAVORITE piece.

MISCONCEPTION #3: This stuff is cheap and will fall apart...

COMPLETELY FALSE - I have had all of these pieces of equipment for at least a year - many for several years - and all of them I use on a routine basis. Not a single piece of equipment I show you has ever broken or malfunctioned.

MISCONCEPTION #4: I can get the same results at the Gym...

DOUBT IT - Unless you train at a truly hardcore gym, your facility probably does not have any Grip-Specific equipment that is worthwhile.

MISCONCEPTION #5: I can't build this stuff because I live alone...

NO WAY - I put all of this stuff together by myself on video. IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT, because I am the least mechanically inclined person in the entire state of Pennsylvania.

MISCONCEPTION #6: I can't use this, I have no training partner...

ABSOLUTELY UNTRUE - I train completely alone every day. I never have a spotter or anyone helping me load up equipment, and I use this stuff to the fullest capacity week in and week out!

NO MORE EXCUSES for why you can't make your own stuff anymore.

It's time to take action and pick up HOME MADE STRENGTH II!

THE PRICE => Just $37

Jedd, I'm READY to Get
Home Made Strength II.
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Physical DVD's

You will have the option to pick up a Physical DVD, complete with hard cover, outstanding graphics, and collectible chapter card, once your initial payment is completed. The Physical DVD will be mailed to you and you will have it within days. You will then be able to view HMS2 on your PC/Laptop/MAC and on your television. The video quality is pristine!

Plus You Get the
Quick Start Blue Print!!!

One of the things that I strive for when I design products for you is to provide a resource that is complete and makes things easier for you.

The only negative feedback I have ever gotten on Home Made Strength #1 was that we did not provide a parts list. You had to watch the video, write down what you needed, or just remember it all when you went to the store.


With the Home Made Strength Quick Start Blue Print I added complete Parts Lists and Step-by-Step Instructions. It can't get any easier to build this equipment unless I do it for you, and as much as I'd love to, I just dont have the time

When you grab your copy today, you will get the Download Link to the Quick Start Blue Print that you can instantly download to your PC, and print out within minutes.

And because I aim to fully and completely OVER-DELIVER on your investment today, I have even put together 3 Killer Grip Workouts for each piece of new Training Equipment! That's right, I show you what to buy, how to build the equipment, and 30 different ways to train with the new additions to your training arsenal!

Let's Look at EVERYTHING You are Getting...

 Home Made Strength II - Online DVD Video Downloads

 Home Made Strength II - Hard Copy DVD (if you upgrade)

 Home Made Strength II - Quick Start Blue Print

And That's Not All...
Check out These Killer Bonuses

 Developing a Stronger Grip for Faster Kettlebell Results
     Instantly Downloadable PDF

These 5 drills will help you increase your hand strength to specifically prepare for the dynamic nature of Kettlebell Training. Four of the Five drills utilize Kettlebells ONLY while the other drill involves using one of the pieces of equipment you will learn to build in Home Made Strength II. Running out of Grip Power before your Snatch Test is over? I've got you covered! Valued at $19.95

 Quick Wins for Improving Grip Strength
     Instantly Downloadable PDF

There are hundreds of Grip Training tools on the market, but are they necessary? This report will show you the 8 tools you need to have in your arsenal in order to build Killer Grip Strength while also keeping your lower arms healthy and injury free! These tools will give you strong hands while making you into an even more rugged version of yourself. Doesn't that sound cool? Valued at $19.95!

 8 Weeks of Grip Training Workouts
     PDF Document and 45-minute Video

This PDF includes eight Weeks worth of workouts. Not familiar with Grip Training terminology? NO problem. In the Video, I will show you EXACTLY how each drill is done. The PDF is a full 8-week schedule you can print off and take with you to the gym. Each workout has 3 movements, for a total of 24 exercises. Don't have the equipment to do one of the exercises? No problem - swap them out with one of the exercises from HMS2. Valued at $47!

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So I’ve given you my offer. I stand behind it, and I believe in everything inside 100%. I use every piece of this equipment each week, plus I show you the ways to use them in order to get the most out of them – the exact ways I have trained with them over the years.

This Is Completely RISK FREE For You For 60 Full Days!

You know, a lot of people sell stuff online that they have never tried themselves and assume you will LOVE it without any buyer’s protection. Well, that’s not me. All of my products are things I’ve used and gotten great results from.

I started doing all this because I want others to have the same success I have had. When you help someone get stronger, that is the greatest feeling!

So…If you’re not 100% happy with everything after 60 Days just let me know and I Will Personally Buy Back Your Product – and on top of that, I’ll Let You Keep the Whole Thing – I stand by my product.

Take the full 60 days, just in case you don’t get the chance to make all of the pieces of equipment right away. I’m sure that will be enough time for you to decide. You have nothing to lose.

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If you can already Pinch Two-45's, Close #4 Grippers, and Pull 500-lbs Double Overhand on the Deadlift, this is not for you!